Severe weather conditions are the culprit of many of the nation’s outages. In Florida, hurricanes are one of the causes of the state’s power losses. Having no electricity can pose risks to the health and safety of the residents. For instance, a lack of indoor climate control can be dangerous when accompanied by extreme temperatures. Access to potable water is also affected as purification systems can break down.

Because of this, a backup electrical supply should be considered if you are wondering how to stay powered up and prevent power surges through its built-in or add-on surge protector. Learn why having generators is a good idea for your home.

Four Reasons to Have a Generator for Hurricane Season

  • Save Money on Meals and Lodging
    If you’re without electricity for days due to a hurricane, having a generator can allow you to continue cooking your meals at home instead of relying on expensive delivery or takeout. It can also help you avoid booking an alternative lodging if your house becomes uninhabitable due to the storm.
  • Power Lifesaving Medical Appliances
    If there is anyone in your household who relies on medical equipment like ventilators or home dialysis equipment, you understand the urgency of a power failure. In such critical situations, a backup generator is not just a convenient appliance but a vital piece of equipment that can save lives.
  • Stay Comfortable Indoor
    Power outages can lead to the shutdown of your air conditioning system. After a storm, it doesn’t take much time for heat and humidity to return, making staying inside a home uncomfortable and dangerous due to the rising temperatures. However, generators can help keep your cooling system working without any interruption.
  • Prevent Water Damage
    Sump pumps installed in your property to prevent flooding during storms give you peace of mind, but only if they are working. Like most appliances in your home, they rely on electricity. Therefore, they offer no protection when the power’s out. By investing in a generator, you can keep the pump running and prevent water damage repairs.

Stay Prepared During Hurricane Season With Vintage Electric

With weather-related electricity issues growing more common across the U.S., knowing how to prevent power surges during lightning strikes and being prepared for outages is essential. Having a backup or emergency generator ensures an uninterrupted power supply. A qualified and reliable electrical contractor should oversee routine maintenance, inspection, and operational testing of its installation. Invest in keeping your home and family safe during the hurricane season. Contact the experts at Vintage Electric today for more information about generator services.