Aside from being an unpleasant sight, flickering lights may not seem like that huge of a deal. However, there could be a bigger underlying issue to these lighting problems. To be safe from electrical hazards, learn how to fix your lights when they malfunction at home.

Tighten the Bulbs

A straightforward solution that you could start with is to tighten the light bulbs. Before doing this, make sure you switch the lights off and wear a pair of electrical safety gloves. This will protect you from getting electrocuted or hurt by the heat. Afterward, try to screw in the bulb tighter.

Replace the Socket

Sometimes, there may not be a problem with your bulb but with your socket. A loose connection between the plug and outlet can cause your lights to flicker. When you notice signs such as blackening, cracks, and chips around the socket, these could be indicators that it’s time to have it replaced.

Use the Correct Dimmers and Switches

Make sure to use the correct dimmers and switches. There are times when these aren’t compatible with your light bulbs. And when they’re not, your lights will flicker. To be sure that you’re using the right dimmers and switches for your bulbs, you should check with the manufacturer. Ask if everything pairs with each other before making your purchase to avoid fluctuating lights.

Fix Faulty Wiring

Get your wirings fixed if you notice that they’re loose or outdated. Aside from flickering lights, other signs that signify that you need to get the wires repaired include a burning smell, sparks, a hot outlet, and buzzing sounds. This is a dangerous job, so make sure that you have a local technician that you can trust to troubleshoot this for you.

Solutions for Flickering Lights in Gainesville, FL

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