One must always take precautions when using electricity. Accidentally touching electrical currents leaking from wiring systems or appliances can lead to a nasty shock, which can cause severe injuries.

It is crucial to know how to use electrical systems and devices properly to prevent mishaps. Read on to learn how to avoid dealing with electrical accidents.

Never Touch Electrical Devices With Wet Hands

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. When a person with wet hands handles electrical devices that are plugged in, there is a huge risk that the current running through it will be redirected to their body because of the water. So, you should always be mindful about avoiding contact with sources of electricity when you are in the water or have wet hands.

Avoid using electronics in the bathroom, where electrical accidents are more likely. Even if you are in a hurry, make sure to dry your hands before touching things like your hairdryer or a wall switch. Never use your phone in the bathroom while it’s charging, as it can fall in the tub or on a wet surface and electrocute anyone who comes into contact with the water.

Do Not Use Damaged Electrical Cords

Electrical cords can get damaged in many ways. Rodents or pets can chew on the wires of your appliances and extension cords. Cables can also get caught underneath heavy objects, such as table legs, and become frayed or punctured.

So, before you plug in your appliances or extension cords, check their wires for fraying or perforation. If you see any damage, do not use them anymore. You can opt to get these repaired but make sure that you label them properly, so other people will not mistakenly use them while they are still damaged.

You can also take steps to protect your wiring so your electrical cords are less likely to get damaged. For example, you can prevent rodents from chewing on your wires by sealing them in protective materials like concrete or plastic. Regular pest control can also help you protect your system.

Get Regular Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

One of the best ways to avoid dealing with electrical accidents is to make sure your electrical wiring system is in tip-top shape. If it is damaged, stray currents can leak through walls, light switches, and outlet covers. It is best to regularly get system maintenance, especially if the wiring network is quite old. Wiring deteriorates with age, becoming more prone to leaking electrical currents and increasing the risk of electrocution.

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