Electrical work can be dangerous. There are several risks that can happen when the proper equipment is not used. To ensure that technicians are safe while they work, here is a list of things that they should keep in their toolbox:

Voltage Tester

First, is a voltage tester. This tool is used to check the voltage of a circuit and to find out if it is still working or if it is already dead. It can also be used on both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

A technician uses this tool to test the voltage of a wire or circuit before getting started on their task. This is extremely crucial because they need to know how much energy is flowing in a circuit. When the voltage is too high, a technician is definitely at risk of getting electrocuted.

Circuit Breaker Finder

As the name suggests, this is a tool that locates the circuit breaker. It accomplishes the task by using a receiver and a transmitter wherein the latter sends out a signal to the receiver to find the circuit. This keeps technicians safe when they need to work on a specific breaker, especially with a panel that is not mapped out properly.

Wire Stripper or Cutter

Wire strippers or cutters are used in snipping and taking cables apart. These electrician tools can be used with larger gauge wires given that the appropriate size of the cutter is used. Working with something too small or big can damage the insulation. Additionally, they can also be used to snip off excess cable from smaller gauge wires. This is vital as it helps the technician expose the wire for new electrical work or repairs.

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