Since you probably use your electrical appliances every day, you may think that you already know everything when it comes to handling them. However, there are still things that you need to watch out for in order to protect your safety against electrical shocks. Read on for some facts that your electrical contractor wants you to know so that you can avoid electrocution.

Overhead Powerlines Are Live

You may not pay much attention to overhead powerlines since they stand way above our heads and are usually out of reach. However, you should still remember that they are not insulated. If they fall to the ground, or, you come in close contact with them in any way, make sure you don’t touch them. If the current passing through your body is extremely high, it could damage your muscles and even cause death.

Low Voltage Can Still Be Dangerous

The term “low voltage” may not come across to you as something that could be dangerous. However, just because an appliance is labeled as such, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe for you to handle. Sometimes, even when the voltage is low, it may still have an extremely high current. Because of this, you may still experience an electrical shock if you handle these types of systems improperly.

Stay Cautious When Doing DIY

These days, you can easily learn how to do things by looking up tutorials online. However, you should still be cautious and aware of your limits when it comes to DIY projects. If you’ve never had any experience with working on electrical appliances, it’s best to stop where you’re at. Electrical work can be dangerous when it’s done by someone who lacks the skills to do so. So, the best and safest option is to contact an expert instead.

Keep Yourself Safe With Expert Electrical Services

Ensure your safety by hiring an electrical contractor instead of getting the job done yourself. At Vintage Electric, we provide commercial and residential electrical services to clients in Gainesville, FL. You can get more information about electrical dos and don’ts by browsing through our blog page. Get in touch with us today!