Not all electrical problems are as obvious as others. This is a serious issue because electrical malfunctions or failures can ultimately result in a fire if left unresolved. Read on to learn how to spot electrical issues at your home in Gainesville, FL. Here are some warning signs that you should look out for:

Outlet Is Heated Up

When you plug your devices into an outlet, it’s typically normal for them to heat up after some use. Though, the outlet itself should not feel hot to the touch. When this happens, it’s probably caused by an overloaded circuit. A quick solution to this would be to unplug anything that is not in use. This will help lessen your outlet from overworking itself.

Lights Are Flickering or Buzzing

Have your lights ever started to flicker or buzz after you’ve turned them on? This could be a result of a loose electrical connection or damaged wiring. If this happens to more than one light, then there is a good chance there’s a problem in the utility drop or breaker box. To fix this, ask technicians for help with wire upgrades or repairs.

Wiring Is Chewed or Frayed

Chewed or frayed wires are typically caused by pests. Rodents, specifically, like to gnaw on these cables until they’re completely stripped off. You should look out for their droppings or nests around your electrical wiring to make sure that there aren’t any unwanted visitors hanging around your home.

The Smell of Something Burning

Unless you’re cooking something at home, a burning odor is never a good sign. You might be smelling this because the plastic sheathing of your electrical system is starting to melt. This happens when it’s heated up. You should attend to it immediately as it can be a serious fire hazard.

Get Electrical Repair Services With Vintage Electric

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