Every modern home heavily relies on residential electrical systems. They’re one of the essential features of each house, as they conveniently provide power to the different appliances and gadgets you need for daily life. However, with constant use and age, these systems eventually develop problems that require residential electrical services. Learn about some of the most common issues home electrical systems have.

Broken Light Switches
Light switches are one of the parts of electrical systems that people interact with the most. They are used every day, especially in areas of the house that are often occupied. And because of the frequency of use, these switches get worn down faster. Eventually, they’ll suffer problems or completely break down.

Signs of a broken light switch may not always be obvious. Pay close attention to your switch plates to see if they’re unusually warm, sparking, or buzzing. These are typical indicators that the light switch has serious wiring issues. You should stop using the unit and immediately call our residential electrical contractors to have it repaired.

Loose Outlets
Another electrical feature that people often interact with are wall outlets. Every time they plug in and unplug appliances from the socket, the entire outlet setup has to resist their pushing or pulling force. If the unit isn’t built securely into the wall, this motion would constantly jostle the outlet and its electrical box. This will slowly slacken its connection to the wall, making it come loose. It’s best to get these outlets fixed immediately, as their wires are often prone to arcing, which can be a fire hazard.

Flickering Lights
It’s normal to have the lights in your home flicker once in a while.  However, it’s certainly an electrical problem when it happens regularly. If there’s no complication with your electrical utility provider, then the issue lies within your own house’s system.

There are many different causes of flickering lights. Some of them can be quite serious and become a potential fire hazard, such as loose and aging wiring or a faulty main service cable connection. Make sure to get your system checked as soon as possible if you have frequently blinking lights.

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