Generators are one of the handiest pieces of equipment to have on residential and commercial properties. They ensure that you have a backup source of electricity in case the power goes out in your area. However, like all machinery, there’s always a chance that your generator will malfunction and even fail to start. Familiarizing yourself with the different reasons they can break down will help you have an easier time spotting them. Read on to learn about some common causes of generator failure.

Faulty Battery Systems

If you ask a generator technician, the top reason why these machines malfunction is battery failure. Without a working battery system, the unit cannot properly store the power it generates. This issue can either be due to a faulty wire connection or a sulfation buildup. The latter accounts for at least 80% of generator battery failure cases. The lead sulfate buildups form on lead-acid cells when the sulfur molecules in the battery acid become overly discharged. When the battery becomes covered with the sulfate, it can no longer deliver a charge and will have to be replaced.

Fuel Leaks

Any leaks in the fuel system will prevent your generator from operating properly. Your unit needs fuel to start the combustion process required to produce electricity. So, if the gas starts seeping out of your system, there won’t be any fuel for the generator to burn. Fortunately, this problem is easily detectable since you can often smell the gas due to its distinct odor.

Low Levels of Coolant

Since generators often produce electricity by burning fuel, their parts are often exposed to high levels of heat. They have cooling systems in place to help regulate the temperature and make sure that they don’t get too hot. However, over time and with constant use, the system can develop leaks. The generator coolant may seep out of holes in old tubing, which can cause the machine to overheat and eventually break or shut down. Make sure to check the unit regularly for puddles created by coolant leaks to prevent this from happening.

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