Every household depends on its electrical system. It is, after all, the main source of power for the rest of your home. To ensure that this system functions properly, it’s important to get it routinely maintained. One way you can do this is to get your circuit breaker inspected regularly and restored. Find out signs that it’s time to call the professionals to have a circuit breaker repaired in Gainesville, FL.

Constant Electrical Tripping

When you experience a sudden power outage right after switching on an electrical appliance, this is an example of an electrical trip. It happens when there’s a power overload in your electrical systems.

One quick and easy solution that you can do is to turn the circuit breaker on and off. However, it will only work temporarily. It will be much better to contact electricians to inspect and restore your circuit breaker for a more long-term fix.

Burning Smell Near the Circuit Breaker

A burning smell coming from your circuit breaker is a huge warning sign. It can mean that your wires and insulation are overheated and that there are possible fire hazards present in your home. Switch off your power supply immediately if any of these happen. Afterward, call a professional to diagnose and fix the problem at hand.

Old Age

If you aren’t sure how old your circuit breaker is, a good way is to estimate your house’s age. Generally, your circuit breaker should be replaced every 25-30 years. If not, its wires will start to weaken. This can cause flickering lights or even electrical shock when an appliance is used.

Rusty Components

The lifespan of electrical parts isn’t very long. It can quickly deteriorate because of exposure to moisture and other elements. Get your circuit breaker repaired to prevent any hazards from happening. If left unattended, they can cause something as serious as a fire starting inside your electric panel.

Get Electrical Repair Services With Vintage Electric

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