It is difficult to tell if an electrical contractor is actually good or not. Anyone can claim that they’re an expert at what they do. To help you choose the best electrical contractor in Gainesville, FL wisely, here are some tips that you can take note of.

1. Ask Your Network

Maybe, it’s your first time hiring an electrical contractor, and you don’t know where to start looking. Asking friends, family, people around the neighborhood, or other business owners can be a great way to begin. Important questions that you can ask them include the type of project the contractor has done for them, the price for the service, the duration of the project, and their overall satisfaction with the experience.

2. Read Client Reviews

If you don’t have anyone around your area that you can ask, you can always use the internet to your advantage. Most companies have their business websites online. You can search for them and check if they have testimonials from previous customers. By reading them, you can review what kinds of services clients have been provided and how well electricians have been able to deliver these services.

3. Check for Certification

One good way to tell if an electrical company is legit is to verify they are properly licensed, in Florida , this is the Electrical Contractor Licensing Board (ECLB). This certification will let you know they have passed a state examination which allows them to practice electrical contracting in Florida.

4. Do a Background Check on Credentials and Previous Training

If the contractor is properly licensed (Certified Electrical Contractor is the highest designation in Florida), you may look at the training of their crews, do they have licenses, are they formally trained, do they have an apprenticeship program. The best contractors will insist their employees have proper training and licensure.

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