A seemingly minor electrical wiring problem may become something greater if left unresolved. This can create a fire hazard if you don’t attend to it immediately. To keep yourself safe, read on to learn about some warning signs that it’s time to have your electrical wiring replaced.

Burn Marks Around the Outlet

Do you notice any burn marks or discoloration around your outlet? If you do, this may be a sign of severe wiring issues. This typically happens when you constantly overload your outlet by using several appliances at once.

Additionally, when you notice these burn marks, it also means that your outlets are hot to the touch. Take note that this isn’t a good sign because they shouldn’t feel warm when you use them.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

Maybe, you’ve experienced the power going out in some areas of your home. Or multiple outlets are not functioning. When these happen frequently, your circuit breaker may likely be tripping. This occurs because of a possible extensive wiring issue. It’s also probable that the circuit could be overloaded, or the electrical panel has been worn out to the point that it needs replacing.

Smoking Outlets

You may not notice problems with your electrical wiring right away since most are hidden. However, the sight of smoke is a bad sign that the wiring inside your outlet is burning. This typically happens when your outlets start to break and corrode from heavy usage.

Loose Connections

There might have been a time when you noticed that the face of your outlet has become wobbly. This could be because of loose connections between the wires and the outlet. Over time, wires inside your outlet get damaged, which causes connections to become loose. There are DIY solutions to fix this. However, it’s best to get professional home electrical wiring from a technician in Gainesville, FL that you can trust.

Get Home Electrical Wiring Services in Gainesville, FL

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