You might have experienced electrical problems at home before. One probable issue could be your circuit breaker sparking when you switch it on. This is not a good sign. When this happens, it’s best to get to the root of the problem so that you’ll know how to fix it. For more information, read on to learn some reasons why your circuit breaker sparks.

Circuit Overload

The first reason could be a circuit overload. This happens when an electrical wire or circuit receives more amperage than it is supposed to be handling. Because of this, the circuit becomes overloaded. This can also be caused by loose or frayed wires. The looser the connection, the higher the possibility of your wires heating up and overloading.

Short Circuit

Another reason could be a short circuit. A malfunctioning electrical plug, cord, appliance, switch, fixture, or receptacle can cause this. A short circuit happens when a hot or active electrical wire and a neutral wire come into contact. This creates a large number of current flows, which will overload the circuit.

Ground Fault

Lastly, your circuit breaker could be sparking because of a ground fault. This occurs when a hot or active wire comes into contact with the grounded wire, a portion of the junction box, or an area of an appliance. When these come in contact, large amounts of current go through the circuit breaker, which may cause it to spark.

One way to determine if a ground fault is the reason for your circuit breaker sparking is by checking the color of the wire. You’ll know that it’s a ground wire if it’s green in color. This should not be near hot wires which are colored black.

When these two come in contact, they can cause your circuit breaker to trip. A ground fault will not only be dangerous for the panel but also for the person handling it as it can lead to electrical shock or burns.

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