Wall outlets are the part of the home circuitry that the members of your household interact with the most. These sockets are conveniently placed around the home, as most modern gadgets, devices, and appliances that people use daily require electricity to work. So, they have to be in tip-top shape to withstand constant use. If your home’s circuitry is quite old, you should think about getting your outlets upgraded. Read on to learn why you should get new ones.

To prevent fire hazards

As power outlets age, their wiring, screws, and bolts tend to become worn out. They are likely to experience more wear and tear than the rest of your home wiring system because they have to withstand a plugging and pulling force every time they’re used. The cables inside can become loose or frayed, which may result in stray electric currents and arcing. These are serious fire hazards, as any sparks produced by these electrical problems can combust small dust or dirt particles located within the socket’s mounting box or the area surrounding it.

If you see any sparks coming from your outlet when you plug things in, it may be a sign that the old wiring has already frayed. Another indicator of this would be an unusually warm or hot wall plate. You should definitely get your sockets upgraded as soon as you notice any of these warning signs.

To reduce the risk of electrocution

Old and frayed wiring is also an electrocution risk. Any stray currents jumping from worn cables can flow through the socket plate or the wall that the outlet is attached to. Anyone who uses the socket or leans on the wall is at risk of being electrocuted. So, it’s best to get new sockets every five years. You should also get them immediately changed if you notice any visible warning signs of frayed cables, such as stray sparks.

To replace non-grounded outlets

Aside from worn-out wiring, non-grounded 2-prong outlets can also pose an electrocution risk. It’s better to replace these sockets with 3-pronged models to reduce the chances of electric shock. Today, the National Electrical Code requires all new building projects to use grounded outlets.

Most gadgets and appliances nowadays also have 3-pronged plugs. So, it’s more convenient to use these new sockets in your home. Otherwise, you would have to buy an adapter to power many modern electronic devices.

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